Clayton A. Jones has the expertise needed to represent you in any car accident litigation. Car accidents account for a great number of personal injury lawsuits and Jones has vast experience in the field. During the difficult time following a car accident, you and your family need an attorney who can lead you through the claims and litigation process.

damaged car after car accident in the middle of the road

When should you get a lawyer for a car accident?

Thousands of Americans die each year from car accidents and millions more are injured. Despite the commonality of the occurrence, many people are unsure of if or when they need to look into getting an attorney if they have been a part of a car crash. In any of the following car accident situations (and various others), it’s best practice to get yourself a car accident attorney who can help navigate the claims or litigation experience you will find yourself in. 

  • Serious injury or death - Any accident that results in a serious injury or fatality should have an attorney involved.
  • Fault - Some accidents are clear cut, some aren’t. Any time there is a question on fault, an attorney needs to be called. This is especially true if a police report has been filed inaccurately.
  • Construction zone accidents - Because of the added danger and liability of construction zones, any accident occurring within one should be handled by an attorney with experience.
  • Insurance issues - Any time there are insurance issues, from claims not being paid or the other party not having insurance, an attorney can help.
  • Additional parties - If there has been an accident that involves additional parties, it’s best practice to have an attorney on hand, especially if other parties are hiring a car accident attorney.

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