Missouri Traffic and DWI Attorney

If you have been charged with a traffic offense in Cass County, you need an experienced, assertive Missouri traffic defense attorney. Clayton A. Jones handles a full range of Missouri traffic charges, including DWI charges, speeding tickets, parking violations, and more. Consider hiring Clayton A. Jones to fight for you and keep moving violations and DWI convictions off your driving record.

Attorney Clayton A. Jones has prosecuted and defended against traffic crimes at the state and municipal court levels. His extensive experience provides the framework for his traffic ticket defense practice. He will help you make an informed decision on how to proceed with your traffic or DWI case.

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Do I Need A Cass County Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

For many who are charged with a traffic offense in Cass County, it seems that the cheapest, easiest solution is just to pay the ticket and move on with their lives.

Unfortunately, a traffic offense won't necessarily let you just "move on" because the ticket will stay on your driving record. What may seem like a simple speeding ticket or misdemeanor DWI charge could lead to higher insurance costs or could even cost you a job. Depending on the charge and your points situation, it could even lead to suspension of your driver's license, financial hardship, and family problems. Your Cass County Traffic ticket lawyer, Clayton A. Jones, will work to keep your record clean.


Negative consequences of a traffic violation on your record:

Insurance Rates

It only takes one ticket to increase your insurance rates, and multiple tickets can even cause your insurance company to drop you from their coverage.


If your potential employer needs you to utilize a company vehicle for any reason, having even a minor traffic infraction on your driving record could keep you from getting the job. You could even be fired from a job you love due to a traffic violation.

Ability to Drive

Traffic tickets, even when paid off, add points to your driving record that can eventually lead to a loss of your driver’s license and of the ability to drive yourself around.

Possible Defenses Against Traffic Tickets or DWIs

People often think there are no defenses against traffic tickets or DWIs, but that’s not true. There are many defenses against DWI charges and traffic violations. For example, if you were pulled over illegally, your case could be thrown out. That means you would not be convicted of a traffic offense—your driving record would remain clear and you would avoid jail time.

Here are a few more examples of defenses against conviction of traffic crimes in Missouri:

  • Your rights were violated
  • Illegal stop
  • Laboratory errors with blood tests or breath tests (DWI cases)
  • Field sobriety tests are faulty (DWI cases)
  • Not enough evidence to convict you
  • Lack of expert witnesses

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Connect with a Speeding and Traffic Violation Attorney in Cass County, MO

It’s easy to take a traffic violation lightly—a lot of people do. But you may want to talk with a traffic violation attorney with years of experience.

Whether you’re faced with a speeding ticket, DWI charge, or parking violation, a Cass County traffic lawyer can help. We can examine the circumstances of your case to find the best defense available and provide legal advice that can help you make decisions on your case.

Traffic violations change lives in many negative ways. Don’t let that happen to you. Contact Clayton A. Jones’ law firm today at 816-406-0421 for help with a moving violation case.