$18.25 million Hornbeck v Citgo, Orscheln Farm and Home

Co-lead counsel in securing an $18.25 Million Settlement for Farmers and Heavy Equipment operators throughout the nation. The settlement was with Citgo and Orscheln Farm and Home in a high-profile class action lawsuit arising from the manufacture and sale of so-called 303 hydraulic fluid. Investigations revealed that the defendant’s had misled purchasers of the fluid and caused damage when purchased and used in equipment. Defendants continue to deny the allegations. 

$10.8 million Yoakum v Genuine Parts Company

Co-lead counsel in securing final approval for $10.8 Million settlement fund as a result of a nationwide class action representing farmers and heavy equipment operators. The plaintiff’s alleged that fluid made by Warren Oil and sold at NAPA did not meet the equipment specifications or provide the benefits listed on the labels. Defendants continue to deny the allegations.  

$10.7 million  Allicks v Omni Specialty Packaging 

Co-lead counsel in representing a class of more than 285,000 farmers and heavy equipment operators and secured final approval of $10.7 million class-action settlement that resolved consumer claims that O’Reilly’s Auto Parts sold mislabeled 303 tractor hydraulic fluid. Defendants denied any wrongdoing in the settlement agreement.  

$7.2 million  Smitty’s/Cam2 Retailers

Co-lead counsel in securing final approval of a $7.2 million class action settlement between a nationwide class of farmers and heavy equipment operators and retailers who sold certain types of Smitty’s and Cam2 303 Tractor Hydraulic Fluid. The retailers continue to deny the allegations.  

$1.7 million Tractor Supply Missouri

Co-lead counsel reaching a final settlement for nearly 10,000 farmers and heavy equipment operators in a class action against Tractor Supply and Smitty’s Supply for the manufacture and sell of Super S Supertrac 303 Hydraulic Fluid. The plaintiff’s allege that the fluid was mislabeled and damaged farming equipment and heavy machinery. Defendants continue to deny the allegations.

$10 million judgement, Pedestrian Struck & Severely Injured By Drunk Driver

Secured a $10 million dollar judgment for a pedestrian victim that was struck by a drunk driver.  

$1.4 million School Fire

Helped a small country school that was denied a claim for a fire. The resulting outcome of the representation was payment of the full policy limit. This resulted in a new school being built for the students of the district.

Confidential Settlement

Secured a confidential settlement for the family of a small child that was struck and killed by a commercial vehicle.